Chocolate Chocolate Chip - NEW


Are you looking for a guilt-free snack that still tastes great and leaves you feeling full? Then MPB Birthday Cake Cookie Bites are the exact snack you're looking for!

The MPB Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites are topped with chocolate chips and made with rolled oats. Each cookie bite is made with a blend of Chickpea & Whey Protein to provide a cleaner snacking experience. 

The high-quality protein in these Cookie Bites also helps cut down on cravings so you can avoid late-night snacking!

And these cookie bites are so delicious, you won't even feel like you're eating a protein cookie! 

Gluten Free · Soft Baked · Wholesome Ingredients

    • 10 units per Box!
    • 2 Cookies per Pack
    • 5g of Protein per Cookie
    • 110 Calories
    • Chickpea & Whey Protein Blend
    • Made with Rolled Oats
    • No Artificial Sweeteners