Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie Crunch Bark

May 23 , 2019

Protein Bites

Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie Crunch Bark

Recipe by: @mscolleenalexis

What you’ll need:

1 pack of MPB Chocolate Chip Cookies
2 cups dark chocolate chips ( I used 60% cocoa chips from Ghirardelli)
1/3 cup sea salt peanuts
4 dark chocolate covered pretzel crisps
Rolling Pin
Baking Tray
Wax Paper

How to prepare:

Using a large baking tray, roll out a sheet of wax paper leaving about 2 inches of space around the baking tray. Next, grab your peanuts and leave out about 1 tbsp for later and put the rest into a ziplock bag. Take your rolling pin and crush the peanuts. Go over the bag 1 or 2 times.

Pour out the contents of the ziplock bag on top of your wax paper. Spread out the peanuts unevenly all over the wax paper.

Next, take your pretzels and break them up into pieces and scatter them randomly with the peanuts.

Now grab one of your MPB Chocolate Chip Cookies and break it apart into small pieces at random with the peanuts and pretzels. I used my thumb to press down on the cookie to flatten it a little to ensure even coverage on the chocolate and not let it get too clumpy.

Using a microwave safe bowl, place 1 cup of your dark chocolate chips. Microwave on high for 1 minute, stop mix and repeat until fully melted. I use the 60% cocoa chips from Ghirardelli for this because they melt and spread perfectly with no added oil. Once your first cup of chocolate chips are melted, slowly start to spread your chocolate over the baking tray making sure to cover all the contents. The first cup covers about half of the tray. Repeat the same process with the second cup of dark chocolate chips.

Once your tray is fully covered and there are no missing spots of chocolate, grab another one of your MPB Chocolate Chip Cookies and break it into chunks and stick it into the chocolate. Grab your remaining peanuts and scatter them across the top as well.

Pop your baking tray into the freezer for 1-2 hours or until fully solid. Once they are solid, using a sharp knife, cut up your chocolate
into squares or random shapes and ENJOY!🍫